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Coffins and Caskets

Reflection of Life have a wide selection of Coffins and Caskets. Our Caskets and Coffins are hand crafted by specialists, using premium grade solid timbers or custom board.The difference between Caskets and Coffins is essentially, their shape.


A coffin is shaped and has a removable lid.
A coffin is designed to be wider at the shoulders and tapered to each end.
A coffin is always constructed with a full lid.
Here a just a few of our designs that you can choose.


A Casket is traditionally rectangular in profile with a hinged lid.
It’s bold appearance encourages elegant and classic designs.

Hardwood Caskets – include a variety of species: mahogany, cherry, maple, oak, and poplar. These caskets are the choice of families who appreciate and cherish the qualities of natural wood. The warmth, beauty and personality it brings to fine furniture ideally suits it for the construction of quality caskets.

Personalised Designed Coffins

A Picture is worth a thousand words and every image tells a story.
So more and more people are choosing to have a personalised designed coffin made for them when making funeral arrangements.

There are many coffin designs to choose from. We have just shared a few.
You can arrange to have a personalised designed coffin of your choice made, which may reflect the life of the deceased.

One of the team at Reflection of Life Funeral Directors can personally assist you with this process.
Designs can include places, sporting, different colours or hobbies etc.
Please call our staff to discuss your personal requirements.

Eco Coffins & Caskets – CARDBOARD or WILLOW

100% Natural, Enviroboard & Bio-Degradable

Enviroboard – Cardboard panel construction plantation veneer satin finish. Biodegradable plastic lining. Suitable up till 120kg

Willow – Willow is a truly sustainable resource, in that it can grow up three meters a year and, once harvested, regenerate within 12 months. For centuries, the strength, beauty and practicality of willow have enhanced our homes and lives. Handed crafted, fast growing and easily replenished, willow is a wonderful option.

Metal Caskets

Metal Caskets – including those made from bronze, copper, stainless steel and steel – are known for their unique finishes. Bronze and copper are among the most durable and beautiful of metals; both are naturally non-rusting. Stainless and carbon steel caskets come in a variety of grades, gauges, styles and finishes.

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