Keepsake Ashes Urns and Candles

Keepsake urns for ashes can be used for several purposes. More than one can be purchased for family members to share their loved one’s ashes in their own homes. Another use may be for a loved one whose ashes are buried far from your home and you wish to keep a keepsake urn for your own home. A keepsake cremation urn can also be purchased for displaying  a small amount of ashes when a loved one’s wishes were to be scattered or buried a distance from where you live.

There are many different materials and styles of keepsake urns for ashes. Some designs we carry are smaller matching urns to larger urns that the majority of the cremains will be in. Or you may just choose a keepsake urn that matches the decor of your home or has an element of design to it that you feel represents or best memorialises your loved one.

Keepsake urns for human ashes resemble full size urns in every way; they just have the capacity to hold fewer ashes.

Our urns from this collection are also an excellent choice for “sharing” urns in cases where a loved one’s ashes are to be divided between siblings, for example.

Memorial Ashes Jewellery

Memorial jewellery allows you to keep a small portion of cremated remains of a loved one close to your heart. They are becoming a popular way to remember a loved one these days.

This unique memorial jewellery allow families the option of keeping a small amount of cremated remains, lock of hair, dried flower, fur or even some soil from a burial site, after a funeral service.

A small screw is removed and a miniature funnel allows you to fill the unique piece of jewellery.