COVID-19 Phase 4 Restrictions

Funerals and reducing the spread of COVID-19

(Phase 4 Easing of Restrictions – commencing 27 June 2020).

It can be a difficult time when you have lost a friend or loved one. Planning a funeral can be overwhelming, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. If you are planning a funeral, this information can help you understand the current restrictions in place that will affect funeral arrangements.

Restrictions on the attendance of people at funerals

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, the State Government has introduced provisions to prohibit certain activities and specific guidelines for funerals.

Under Phase 4, the number of attendees permitted at a funeral is determined by the 2 square metre social distancing guideline. When arranging the venue, the number of attendees permitted inside the building is is determined by the size of the venue reserved for the service. All attendees are required to comply with physical distancing requirements (2 square metres per person).

In practical terms this means that the capacity of the chapels and condolence lounges at metropolitan Perth cemeteries has needed to be adjusted so as to meet the new 2 square metres distancing guideline. Where the number of people attending a funeral exceeds the venue capacity, these people are still able to attend the funeral but must remain in the outdoor gathering spaces.

Below is a list of the facilities and their associated capacity limits. We recommend that families liaise closely with their funeral director to reserve the facility that can accommodate the anticipated number of mourners.

Traditional Chapels and Lounges


Norfolk Chapel – 100 people, Norfolk Lounge – 75 people

Brown Chapel – 65 people, Brown Lounge – 65 people

Dench Chapel – 30 people, Dench Lounge – 25 people


East Chapel – 70 people, East Lounge 40 people

West Chapel – 150 people, West Lounge – 95 people


East Chapel – 90 people, East Lounge – 80 people

West Chapel – 100 people, West Lounge – 80 people

Mausolea and Jewish Prayer Halls:


Mausoleum – 100 people

Jewish Prayer Hall – 40 people


Mausoleum – 8 people


St Francis Chapel – 50 people

Chapel of the Holy Spirit – 30 people

Christ the Redeemer Chapel – 30 people

Chapel of Saint Jude – 38 people

Jewish Prayer Hall – 24 people


Mausoleum East Wing – 74 people

Mausoleum West Wing – 74 people

It is important to understand that these measures have been introduced to protect your health and well-being and to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our communities.

For more information on these provisions, visit the  WA Government website.

For more information on physical distancing requirements, visit the WA Government website.

Travelling to funerals

The State Government has introduced restrictions on travel into Western Australia  to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Travelling into Western Australia is prohibited, except in certain circumstances.

A person travelling to Western Australia may be exempt from the travel restrictions on compassionate grounds.

For more information on these travel restrictions, visit the WA Government website.

More information

It is important to note that the State Government is making continual changes as the State Emergency unfolds.

We recommend that you visit the State Government’s website to keep up to to date with additional changes. Visit the WA Government website.

MCB COVID-19 Response


The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board (MCB) continues to follow advice provided by the Department of Health and is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment to all client families, employees and our communities.

Appropriate measures and protocols have been implemented and continue to be developed to manage this situation; we are monitoring developments closely.

As a precautionary measure, we respectfully request that if you are experiencing symptoms similar to cold or flu that you:

  • do not attend funeral services and after-funeral gatherings.
  • refrain from coming onsite and reschedule any appointments that you have with us.

We are able to provide many of our services by phone and email and would suggest that these be the most appropriate ways to serve you at this point in time. Also, please be advised that we are moving to a cash-less environment due to COVID-19 contact minimisation. We accept BPay, EFTPOS and credit cards.

Please contact our Client Services team on 1300 793 109 or by emailing us at mcb@mcb.wa.gov.au should you like to speak with us.