What is a Natural Burial

A natural burial, is where the body is returned to nature in a biodegradable coffin and materials made from natural fibres.

The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board has established a natural burial area at Fremantle & Pinnaroo Cemeteries.

Natural burials at Fremantle Cemetery are located within an elevated grove that overlooks the cemetery’s splendid bush land gully. Bordered by traditional burial locations, this unique pocket of bushland will be progressively vegetated with natural plant species as plots are utilised.
Natural burials at Pinnaroo are located in a small and secluded bushland pocket. Bordered by traditional burial locations and memorial gardens, these unique pockets of land will be progressively vegetated with natural bushland plant species as plots are utilised.
To further ensure a pure basis for new organic life, the use of preparatory chemicals is strictly prohibited, as is the placement of artificial tributes or commemorative items. Graves remain unmarked and no monumental work is permitted within our natural burial areas.
Although unmarked, each grave is mapped and surveyed; ensuring the ability to relocate graves for both current and future generations.

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