Motorbike Black Cremation Urn

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Motorbike Black Cremation Urn is carefully painted with a shiny black finish and real chrome plating, the highly detailed Black & Chrome Motorcycle Cremation Urn is a truly unique and special memorial to your loved one. The sculpture is made from cold cast resin, a strong and durable material that allows us to create beautiful pieces that are lighter and less expensive. Our talented craftsmen have ignored no detail, from the wheel spokes to the red of the tail light to create this exceptional urn. The motorcycle sculpture stands tall on top of a matching black base, into which your loved one’s cremains can be placed. You can access the internal chamber through a removable panel at the bottom of the base; this panel secures with a rubber gasket and several small screws. The base is also covered in a soft black felt so that it will not damage your furniture. Contact your local engraving company to assist you with engraving and supplying a plaque as urn DOES NOT COME WITH PLAQUE.

Approx capacity: 3.4 Litres – suitable for Cremains of an adult body

Approx Size: H 25.5 x W 33 (cms)