Acorn Red Cremation Urn

Acorn Red Cremation Urn is a distinctive, acorn-shaped biodegradable urn. Bio-urns can be buried in the ground and will, over time, become at one with the earth. The Acorn Urn is a mixture of recycled cardboard and paper which means it is fully biodegradable. The base of the Urn is finished in Mulberry paper. Plant the urn about 1-2 feet deep in the earth, at least 3 feet away from the roots of any small bushes or young trees. The alkaline “ash” of the burned bones, mostly calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate, then returns slowly to the soil and will be used over time by the plants.

Approx capacity: 4 Litres – suitable for Cremains of an adult body

Approx Size: H 22 x W 19 (cms)

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