Blue Leaf Design Pottery Cremation Urns

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Blue Leaf Design Pottery Cremation Urns are Australian made. Each piece is unique being hand-thrown and glazed, resulting in slight variations in size and color. A large range of sizes and design options are available.

8 Sizes Available


Approx capacity: 170ml –

Approx Size: H 10 x W 9.5  (cms)

Memento Jar

Approx capacity: 380ml

Approx Size: H 14 x W 11  (cms)


Approx capacity: 500ml

Approx Size: H 17 x W 11  (cms)


Approx capacity: 1 Litre

Approx Size: H 21 x W 13  (cms)


Approx capacity: 2 Litres

Approx Size: H 25 x W 15.5  (cms)

3 Litre

Approx capacity: 3 Litres

Approx Size: H 28 x W 16.5  (cms)


Approx capacity: 3.7 Litres

Approx Size: H 31 x W 19  (cms)


Approx capacity: 6.3 Litres

Approx Size: H 36.5 x W 22  (cms)

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